Hi, I'm Jason 👋

I'm a technologist based in NYC

I'm currently working in Agile Operations at Hearst Communications, building out a best in class media platform that powers your favorite magazines. Using my unique Product & Engineering background, I augment our existing processes and tools to power continuous improvement sprint after sprint.

I am well-respected as an evangelist for change and shedding the status quo. I help companies embrace fresh and alternative thinking in their approaches to develop and introduce new products that increase revenue and improve the bottom line.


We have access to so many great tools, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. One of my greatest strengths is making sense of all the data at our disposal, and presenting it in a unique way that can help drive fast decision making. Check out some of the projects I've built below.
Hearst Agile Ops

This extension enhances the Jira platform with unique features exclusively for Hearst

Chrome Extension
Github Labels in Jira

This extension brings the labels on a Github PR right to a ticket in your active sprint view.

Chrome Extension
Jira keys in Notion

This extension converts Jira tickets mentioned on Notion pages to a rich description including title and status.

Chrome Extension
Jira Program Portfolio

This unique visualization provides a 10,000ft view into all your Scrum Teams.

Chrome Extension
Atom Slack Bot

Built during Hearst Magazine's first hackathon, Atom integrates with Notion, Airtable, Jira, Github, and Google Sheets.

Slack Bot